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Tips for the Newly Engaged Couple!

  1. Tell your parents.  And family and your best friends in person or on the phone.

  2. Take Five!  Vow to take at least 30 days to simply enjoy the moment of being engaged.  Don’t rush to make any decisions.

  3. Manicures are everything!  You will be showing off your ring for months.

  4. Insurance.  No amount of money will replace the sentimental value of your engagement ring, but the only thing worse than losing your ring or your stone will be not having the ability to replace it.

  5. Inspiration is everywhere.  Explore Pinterest and Instagram.

  6. Have tough conversations.  There are many decisions to be made.  Everything from budget to who will pay for what, number of guests, and people in your bridal party.

  7. Get educated.  Do you know what it really cost to produce a wedding.  Educate yourself on the cost to get married in different locations.

  8. I promise you, a poorly planned wedding will never make you happy, no matter how pretty it is on the day of.  You deserve to enjoy the entire experience, beginning to end, and the only way to ensure that is to work with a team of highly competent creative partners.

  9. Hire a Planner/Designer/Day of Coordinator.  There are many types of planning and design services available to you.

  10. Relax and enjoy yourself.  It’s the pros job to worry about the details.  It’s your job to be fully present and enjoy the moment.  So relax!  Enjoy yourself!

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