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Wedding Designing and Consulting


The decor is the most important elements of your wedding.  If you're trying to pull off a specific theme or overwhelmed with wedding style ideas that you can't narrow down, schedule an appointment with D's Pretty Events.


What is my role of a Wedding Designer?


  -Create wedding design concept

  -Sources props and equipment

  -Provide guidance on color palette

  -Oversees decor budget

  -Create floor plans

  -Insure all of the decor items are in place and on-site at the wedding

  -Visit site to visualize layout


The process begins with a consultation via phone call OR Zoom.  During this time, we will discuss your goals, theme, look and feel.  You will gain an understanding on how we can collaborate to design a wedding of your dreams.  Following the consultation and we agree to work together, we will create a scope customized for your big day.  Then, the fun will begin!  I will get to work searching and creating the perfect design elements for your wedding.


Custom decor items can also be produced based on your vision and unique style..

Decor consultation services will be provided up until the day of your wedding.

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